Blog Archive 2020

Blog Archive 2020

Is Bullying & Harassment Still Significant in the Workplace?
As this year’s United Against Bullying for Anti-Bullying Week 16th – 20th November 2020 kicks off, we at PACT HR explore whether Bullying and Harassment remain significant workplace issues and how best to deal with complaints of this nature...more

Conflict & Disagreement in the Workplace – how to handle it
As part of this year’s International Mediation Awareness Week, this year’s theme is "Mediating in an Uncertain World". Held between the 9 – 13th November 2020, the PACT HR team explore conflict and disagreement within the workplace, and how best to handle it...more

Pressure vs. Stress – What’s the difference?
Held from 2nd – 6th November 2020, International Stress Awareness Week is run by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) and aims to shine a light on stress and mental health issues, which have never been more prevalent than in the midst of Covid-19...more

The New World of Online Recruitment Part Five: Recruiting Virtually - A HR Administrators’ Experience
This week we will be exploring one of the affects of an ageing working population, and how the Menopause can affect our employees, why it should be discussed more widely, and how we can help support our teams more at work...more

The New World of Online Recruitment Part Four: Interview with Prospects Online Recruitment & Advertising Manager
For this weeks’ blog we caught up with Kate Davies, the Recruitment & Advertising Manager for Prospects Online...more

The New World of Online Recruitment Part Three: Safe Recruitment Training now available as E-Learning
Since March 2020 a number of PACT HR's face to face training events have been postponed in order to comply with lockdown guidance and ensure the safety of our delegates. We have however been working hard to ensure we can still bring you safer recruitment training, albeit in a slightly different format...more

The New World of Online Recruitment Part Two Conducting an interview remotely
In the first blog article of this series we provided some tips on how best to prepare for attempting an online or remote interview...more

The New World of Online Recruitment Part One Preparing for interviewing at a distance
Today we explore the world of online recruitment and how the current climate with Covid-19 has changed how we approach this crucial and integral part of any organisational structure...more

Why is Training Essential?
Why is training essential for anyone involved in recruiting and selecting employees?...more

What is ‘Coaching’, and how can I implement it in the Workplace?
In this week's PACT HR blog we explore what a 'Coaching' session is and how this really can be implemented throughout the workplace, to bolster the morale and capabilities of your team...more

Personal Documents being sold for as little as £10 on the Dark Web
Shockingly it has been revealed that stolen & fake personal documents including Passports, Driving Licenses, and Birth Certificates are being sold for as low as £10 on the Dark Web...more