Why is Training Essential?

Why is training essential when it comes to recruitment and selection?

Why is training essential for anyone involved in recruiting and selecting employees?

I WANT to recruit this person because……

I DON’T WANT to recruit this person because….

I’m sure most people will read that and think “I’d never discriminate against; or in favour of; someone for such reasons”. However, these feelings can influence our decisions without us really realising it’s happening. Often when the need to  recruit someone comes around, we can  find ourselves, normally unintentionally, in a situation where we, or another panel member favour or exclude an applicant for inappropriate reasons (as suggested above) rather than looking and assessing their skills, competencies and ability to do the job on offer.

Why does it matter?

Measuring a candidate against the wrong criteria can easily lead to the wrong candidate being selected for the job, the ideal candidate being overlooked and organisations needing to go through the recruitment process all over again. In more severe cases, it can even lead to employment tribunal claims being made by unsuccessful candidates claiming discrimination.

So how can we avoid this from happening?

It is inevitable that sometimes we will recruit a “bad hire” but we can mitigate the potential of this by incorporating certain types of training for hiring managers prior to them partaking in recruitment campaigns.

This type of training focuses on why unconscious bias can happen, how to mitigate it and ultimately how to overcome human biases in order to ensure fair and equitable decisions are made within an organisation in order to create inclusive and diverse workplaces.

This type of training explores the link between recruitment practices and safeguarding and how safer recruitment practices can be applied to ensure that only suitable individuals are employed, helping to create a safe and positive environment for children and young people.

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Did you know?

As part of our annual learning and development programme, PACT HR offer both of these courses across multiple dates and at a very reasonable cost.  If however you would prefer in-house training for a group then please do not hesitate to contact the PACT HR team where we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and how best we can support you.

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