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 Leadership Recruitment Service

Different packages available to meet in school expertise and school budgets:

      • Covers appointments of CEOs, CFOs, Exec Heads, Headteachers and Deputy Heads
      • Full package spans all stages of the recruitment and selection process
      • Compliant to KCSIE, Headteacher Standards and other statutory frameworks
      • Expert design of your application pack by our highly skilled Prospects Online Team
      • Third party liaison with education partners e.g. Diocese and appointed LA representative
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 Investigation Service

Investigation Service:

      • Impartial, expert and time saving investigation service
      • Work remotely or face to face with a highly experienced HRBP
      • Conducted in line with KCSIE, Client Policies and ACAS Guidelines
      • Report submitted to the Case / Commissioning Manager upon completion
      • Third Party Liaison with Trade Unions and Regulatory Bodies
      • Optional add on support during later stages of the process, if applicable
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 Hearing and Appeals Support

A Complete Support Service:

      • Compliant to KCSIE
      • Compliant to ACAS
      • Inline with Client’s HR Policies
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 HR Audit

Comprehensive HR Audit to Assist School Leaders:

      • Onsite supportive HR Audit with rag rated action plan for improvement
      • Subsequent review to ensure compliance
      • KCSIE, Headteacher Standards and other education frameworks compliant
      • Complies with relevant employment legislation such as Equality Act and GDPR
      • Covers all aspects of Education HR processes including Gender Pay Gap reporting if applicable
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 Accredited Workplace Mediation Service

Impartial employee mediation and conflict resolution:

      • ILM Accredited Workplace Mediators
      • Prevents employee disputes from escalating
      • Harmonises working relationships
      • ACAs compliant for grievance resolution
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 TUPE Service

Full TUPE Service:

      • Covers all stages of the TUPE process
      • Employment Law and Education HR Statutory Framework Compliant
      • Includes staff and Trade Union Consultation and documentation
      • ELI and Measures covered including Pensions and localised pay and conditions
      • Third party liaison with employer and education partners
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