Why outsource your HR?

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Outsourcing the HR functions can lead to significant advantages that support your organisation's overall aims and objectives.

Risk Management
Employment law and legislation changes frequently, making it difficult for a stand alone HR Manager to remain current and fully versed in the latest changes to affect the workplace. PACT HR’s dedicated and highly skilled team of HR Business Partners, Consultants and Support Officers remain fully abreast of the changes for you, ensuring you avoid costly financial, professional and reputational mistakes. You will benefit from access to a comprehensive suite of policies and procedures to ensure you and your employee’s best interests are taken care of.

Cost Savings
The cost associated with an in-house HR function goes way beyond staffing expenses and many employers are recognising that their current HR staffing is not sufficient to effectively manage the complexities and risks involved. In addition, some are recognising that their current HR Information Systems are creating additional inefficiencies and ultimately increasing operating costs. You can reduce current and future staffing by consolidating these functions into a single source service delivery. With PACT HR you can have a dedicated HR ‘department’ supporting you in person and remotely by telephone and email to fit your needs. PACT HR also offers attractive, flexible contracts, tailored to your needs.

School Leader’s often struggle to keep on top of the people management aspects of their roles; especially where their roles are diverse. By engaging with PACT HR your Line Managers will benefit from fast advice when they need it and a critical friend, on their side for advice and guidance. Knowing PACT HR are on hand for support and guidance will empower managers to tackle issues head-on; allowing them to get back to the job in hand.