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The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) lets employers check the criminal records of employees or potential employees to see whether they are suitable to work with children or vulnerable groups.

PACT HR is an umbrella body providing an online DBS checking service to schools and companies providing educational services.

To create a DBS application request visit Pact HR DBS online via the link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

We also offer advice and guidance regarding a range of employee vetting procedures; including DBS disclosures, ISA Barred List checks of the Children’s List and Vulnerable Adults List, and prohibition checks. 

User manuals and information on all the abouve and DBS policies and processes can be found on the Further Information page.

Information for managers - frequently asked questions

What if my applicant does not have sufficient evidence to prove their identity?

If the applicant cannot provide sufficient ID to meet Route One, you should select "Show Route Two" from the "Route Selector" menu at the bottom of the form.  As part of this route you will need tp complete an external ID Verification Check as instructed on screen.  If the result is a pass the form can be submitted.  If it is a fail you will need to proceed down Route 3 or complete a paper application form for a fingerprint check. This can take several months, so it is recommended that when asking the applicant to produce their documents they make every attempt to provide documents for Route 1. 


If an applicant has lived abroad, do they need any kind of check other than DBS?

Yes, DBS will only provide information for the UK, so foreign nationals or anyone who has lived outside the UK will also need to provide a certificate of good conduct.

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I have a positive certificate from an applicant. How do I know it is genuine and what do I need to do with it?

You will need to authenticate the document to ensure it has the appropriate security marks.

These are:

When you are satisfied, you should contact your HR Business Partner as a matter of urgency in order that they can discuss these disclosures and offer advice on the suitability of this person to take up employment involving working with children. 


My school are hosting an exchange visit with a school from overseas.  Do our host families require a DBS check

The DBS guidance is that if an individual has specific safeguarding responsibility and is in regular, unsupervised access with a child, then they would be in ‘regulated activity’; the Enhanced and Children’s barred list check would be eligible. Hosting a visiting pupil would meet this criteria.

Additionally, as this would be a ‘home-based’ arrangement, there would be eligible for any other adult over the age of 18 years to be Disclosure checked also.