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Where should we advertise our vacancy?

Prospects Reduced cost compared to traditional print advertising prospectsonline is a dedicated website for school vacancies developed and managed by PACT HR. We provide professional recruitment services to employers in the education sector, including primary and secondary schools, academies, and other educational services providers. Online advertising with prospectsonline offers significant value for money:

  • Publishing your vacancy on the internet reaches a large, national audience

Click here for our current price list. 

Prospects is a full colour brochure published weekly during term time and distributed to schools, community centres, libraries and colleges.  If you place an advert on our website, prospectsonline, you can also place your advert in the printed brochure for an additional charge.  

Local/National Media

The PACT HR team can also place your advert in other printed/online media (eg Times Educational Supplement, Telegraph & Argus), often at reduced prices.  The team can give you advice on the whether these options are appropriate, and the costs involved.

When should I advertise?

Recruitment can be a lengthy process, and you should ensure that your advert is placed in plenty of time to meet any resignation deadlines for prospective candidates.  Click here for resignation deadlines. 

The PACT HR team can advise you on timelines for advert, shortlisting and interview dates upon request.

Publishers and printers all have their own deadlines, and in order to meet these we have set a deadline of our own which will ensure that we are able to produce and quality check the necessary artwork in a timely manner. Our publishing deadline is 12 noon, Tuesday for publication in any media from the following Monday (eg for an advert to be placed in TES on a Friday, we would need the advert text by 12 noon on the Tuesday of the previous week).

Deadlines may be brought forward to take account of school and bank holidays.  Please click here for a full schedule

How much will it cost?

For full details of all the options for Prospects and prospectsonline, also click here for our current price list.

Costs for adverts in other media will depend on the type of vacancy and the size of the advert, which is dictated by the amount of text required. Prices can be obtained on request and on submission of text.