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At Prospects Online we understand the importance of getting the best person for your role and appreciate the amount of time, energy and resources a recruitment campaign can take.

The Prospects Online team of dedicated recruitment and advertising consultants have significant experience of education, recruitment and advertising and are always on hand to support you throughout your hiring campaign.

We have a large and continually growing candidate base and an efficient online application system making the recruitment process simple for both customers and candidates. Customers can upload their adverts direct to the website 24/7 and is quick and easy to do. As a customer you have control over the content of your advert, can upload a candidate information pack, and can view applications and reports via the customer portal.

We also have a great selection of advertising packages and offers, giving even more value for money and ability to maximise the potential of your recruitment process.


"The great new service from Prospects Online is so much easier to use, and there is no cut off date for when your advert needs to be in. You simply logon and add your advert instantly. If I am unsure about anything I ring up and speak to the friendly staff in the Advertising Team who are always happy to help. Thanks for a great service!" 

School Business Manager
Lapage Primary School & Nursery