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We are pleased to announce the release of six updated PACT HR policies ready for you to download from our website. You will find direct links to each of the documents below but they can also be accessed at any time from the Our Services/HR Business Partnering section of the PACT HR website.

Updated PACT HR Policies

Published: 29th September 2021

When you open the policies you will notice a few changes have been made.

The main content of the polices are restricted from editing. This is to protect the elements of the policies which have been agreed during the Trade Union consultation. However, there are editable fields throughout which will allow you to personalise the policy to your setting. If you are an academy or Multi Academy Trust client you may have previously consulted and agreed amendments or wish to consult independently in the future. If this is the case, your HR Business Partner has access to editable versions of all of the documents and can support you with amending the policies to your setting.

You will also notice some differences in the terminology used throughout the policies. Over the years, leadership roles and governance has evolved considerably and we felt it was important to reflect that within our policies. As such you will find that we use broad terms throughout the body of the documents but have included a page at the start of the document where you can select the specific terminology and role identifiers relevant to your setting.

In addition to these changes we have also introduced a ‘Policy Detail’s’ page which includes editable fields where you can record details of the policy adoption and review dates for future reference, confirmation of the Trade Unions involved in the consultation and agreement process; and also a summary page of all the key changes made to the document from the previous version.

Look out for further news items and updates regarding our rolling review of policies in the coming months but in the meantime please find below all the policies which have been through the consultation process and have been agreed with the trade unions;

  1. Leave of Absence & Time Off Work Policy
  2. Grievance Procedure
  3. Disciplinary Policy & Procedure
  4. Performance Management Policy
  5. Managers Guide to Performance Management
  6. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy
  7. Flexible Working Policy

Please do not hesitate to contact the PACT HR team if you have any questions.

Many Thanks

Nicola Coward - Senior HR Business Partner

Last Updated: 29th September 2021