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School Teachers Pay & Conditions Update

We have been informed by the LGA, that there should be no impact on the proposed timeline for the introduction of the new School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document 2019 (STPCD), due to the expected prorogation (suspension) of Parliament.

The DfE have confirmed that they will still be able to lay the Statutory Instrument for 21 days during prorogation, so the original timetable should not change.

The consultation on the draft STPCD closes on the 13th September 2019. It is likely that the DfE will publish a final document a week or so after this, having considered the responses provided during the consultation period. This will then be laid before Parliament for a further 21 days. As a consequence of this, we are not likely to have a final STPCD much before the middle of October 2019.

PACT HR have made preparation to make our updated Pay Policy available to our schools as soon as the final version of the STPCD is released. The final agreed pay increase (currently recommended at 2.75%) on all teacher pay rates has been factored into the policy and will be backdated to the 1st September 2019, once implemented. Further information on the date of the implementation of the pay award, will be sent out as soon as possible.

For any further information, please contact PACT HR on 01274 436644 or email us at Pact-HR@bradford.gov.uk