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Please find below an update on the draft Pact HR Pay Policy 2017 and the implementation of the Teachers Pay Award.

Bradford Council Position

Following the recommendations made in the STRB’s 27th Report, Bradford Council have considered the position in relation to its schools and have agreed to implement the following as recommended by the review body.

This is an interim position and will be paid in the next available pay date for teachers whose schools use Bradford Councils payroll service. This will allow teachers to receive the recommended pay award as soon as possible pending further discussion.

The recommendations also include a discretionary element, whereby Councils can agree to pay up to a 2% uplift on all other points. The Council will need to consider in more detail the implications of awarding this discretionary element of the recommendations before a decision is made as to whether to implement it.

PACT HR Position

The PACT HR model Pay Policy, which is only made available to subscribing schools, has been updated accordingly to reflect this interim position. In line with this the changes are as follows:

Therefore the PACT HR Pay Policy reflects the current recommended position.

The trade unions are jointly advising that the percentage uplift (either 2% or 1%) should apply to all teachers and leaders within the relevant range. As such the unions wish that all teachers on the Main Pay Range should get a 2% uplift. This matter will be consulted on with the relevant trade unions by the Council and should the position change the PACT HR Pay Policy will be updated accordingly.

It is advised that schools or Academies who are not maintained by the Council also follow this advice to enable pay parity across the district.

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Executive summary


PACT HR Model Pay Policy

Draft PACT HR Pay Policy