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Single Central Record (SCR) of Recruitment

All schools should have a Single Central Record (SCR) of recruitment, as recommended by the Department for Education in the publication “Keeping Children Safe in Education” - part three: “Safer recruitment” - paragraph 73: - “Single Central Record”.

You can use the template created by PACT HR (Click here for SCR Template) or you might want to make sure you record the following information (Page 31 of “Keeping Children Safe in Education”): -

The information that must be recorded in respect of staff members (including teacher trainees on salaried routes) is whether the following checks have been carried out or certificates obtained, and the date on which each check was completed/certificate obtained:

Where checks are carried out on volunteers, schools should record this on the single central record.

Please contact our helpdesk on 01274 436644 for further advice and guidance on the checks that need to be carried out for all staff and volunteers working in the school environment.