New Prospects Website

Time for Change

  You may have heard the exciting news that we have invested in a brand new Prospects Online system. Everything is well underway and it is being developed and built, ready for a September 2019 launch.

There will be many new features for both schools and candidates, which are detailed below.

A huge benefit for candidates, is that they will no longer have to start from scratch with an application form each time they want to apply for a job, once they have filled it out once on their profile. All their application information, including employment history, qualifications and references, is saved to their profile, with the ability to add to and amend as they wish, making applying online via Prospects quick and easy.

The new system will be really simple to use, but training guides will be available to all customers.

Benefits for Candidates:

Benefits for Customers:

The end of the Prospects bulletin!

With the new website, the bulletin will not continue in its current format. There will however be the ability for customers to download and print a summary of the live jobs to display in their staff areas and for other organisations to be emailed a copy of the summary. We hope that this will have a positive impact on the environment too, with less waste and a reduction in our carbon footprint. The last bulletin will be on Monday 8th July 2019.

If you receive the Prospects bulletin in the post now but are not a current customer or a Bradford School / Academy, you wont be able to download the weekly jobs summary from the new Prospects Online. We will be putting together an email distribution list to receive the weekly summary. If you would like to be added to this, please email us and we will ensure you are included in the weekly email.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch either on 01274 435420 or