The Good Work Plan

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Guidance for School Support customers in light of the changes effective from 6th April 2020

The Good Work Plan…..What is it?

The Good Work Plan implements recommendations from the Taylor Review and was published in December 2018.  The review came about to ensure fair and decent work, clarity and fairer enforcement.  

We need to make you aware of some of the changes in relation to New Starters and how our Team will now process these from Monday 6th April 2020.

One of the biggest changes affecting our customers is that all new starters should have a written statement of particulars (contract) issued prior to their first day of work. 

The written statement of particulars now needs to include some additional things:

      • The member of staffs working pattern, including days and times.
      • Any mandatory training 
What do schools need to do to comply with this new legislation?
  1. You will need to ensure a new starter instruction is sent to us as soon as possible, a minimum of 3 working days prior to the start date.
  2. In most cases your allocated School Support Officer will process the instruction, however, during busier periods we may use a rota system to prioritise new starter instructions.
  3. Please ensure you put the exact working pattern in the comments box on the School Support Online system (days worked per week & hours per day).
  4. If you send a new starter instruction to the team after the start date, then your allocated school support officer will process this as soon as possible within 3 working days.
  5. Please also advise the Team if there is any mandatory training required for the role. We have updated contracts to include Safeguarding training as mandatory, but please advise us if the particular role requires any other training.