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As part of the employment life cycle, employees will resign and leave your organisation. There are a number of things that you will need to consider when processing a resignation to ensure that it runs smoothly for all involved.

Confirmation of the Resignation

This should be in writing from the employee and state the intended last day of service.

Confirm the Notice Period

It is important to ensure that the amount of notice covers the contractual notice period they are required to give.

If, as an employer you operate under School Teachers Pay & Conditions Document  (STPCD) and the Burgundy Book (National conditions of service agreement) the following guidance will apply. If not, you will need to refer back to your organisations terms and conditions.


A teacher resigns at the end of the Spring Term and is leaving teaching, the school could expect the teacher to be available for work up to 30th April given that s/he would be paid for the whole month. In some circumstances e.g. where the replacement teacher is starting work after the Easter holiday, it may be possible to allow the exiting teacher to leave before the Easter holiday.

Resignation Dates

Support Staff

All employees should have their notice period requirement and entitlement stated clearly in their contracts. Four weekly paid officers are expected to give 4 weeks/ 1 months notice if they wish to resign their post.

Leaving before the notice term has expired

If an employee wishes to leave before the contractual notice period has expired, you may wish to agree a lesser notice period than stated above. This would normally only be agreed if it is mutually acceptable for both school and the departing member of staff.

End the Contract & Pay Final Salary

The final stage is to ensure that the instruction has been sent to HR School Support to terminate the contract. In order to do this you will need to submit a ‘Leaver’ through the HR School Support Online system, available on the account page of this website. The system guides you through the process of submitting a Leaver ensuring that all the relevant information is gathered.