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Managers Guidance to Teachers Resignation and Dismisal Dates


Teachers Terms and Conditions are outlined in both the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) and the Burgundy Book (National conditions of service agreement). The STPCD is concerned mainly with pay and outlines the roles and responsibilities of both classroom based teachers and members of the leadership team. This document is revised and re-issued annually. The Burgundy Book covers other terms and conditions of employment e.g. Sick pay, leave of absence entitlement and resignation and dismissal dates, amongst others.

Resignation And Dismissal

The Burgundy Book provides that classroom teachers and members of the leadership team are entitled to contractual notice as outlined in the table below :

Term Dates Teachers (inc DHT, AHT) Headteachers
Resignation date Leaving date Resignation date Leaving date
Autumn – 1st September – 31 December (inc) 31st October 31st December 30th September 31st December
Spring  - 1st January – 30th April (inc) 28th(29th ) February 30th April *** 31st January 30th April ***
Summer – 1st May – 31st August (inc) 31st May 31st August 30th April *** 31st August

Any teacher resigning their posts and giving the appropriate notice (see table above) will be paid up to and including the last day of term (as defined above) even though the school holiday periods will commence before those dates.

*** As the dates for Easter move each year, a teacher resigning at the end of the Spring term to take up another teaching post in a different local authority will be paid up to the day before their new school opens for the Summer Term if it is earlier than 1st May.

However, where a teacher resigns at the end of the Spring Term and is leaving teaching, the school could expect the teacher to be available for work up to 30th April given that s/he would be paid for the whole month. In some circumstances e.g. where the replacement teacher is starting work after the Easter holiday, it may be possible to allow the exiting teacher to leave before the Easter holiday.

Dismissing a Teacher

Although there are three specific resignation / dismissal dates (as quoted above), it is possible to dismiss a teacher at any time during an academic year. However, it is important to note that, if the official resignation/ dismissal date is missed, then the school is contractually bound to pay the teacher to the NEXT resignation/dismissal date,  e.g. a teacher who is dismissed (for any reason – except Gross Misconduct) after 31st May (30th April for a Headteacher) must  receive pay until 31st December. 

A PDF version of this advice is availble here.