Contract Extensions

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Where an organisation has staff members employed on Fixed Term contracts it is essential that they are managed effectively by reviewing and monitoring them on a regular basis.

In order to support this, PACT HR will send the school a Fixed Term Contract report on a monthly basis which details any contracts which are due to expire in the coming months. On receiving this report, you can consider whether an extension to the contract is appropriate. Please note if you use CBMDC payroll, the fixed term contracts are set to default onto No Pay if the contract deadline lapses. PACT HR are unable to either extend or end a fixed term contract without a direct instruction from you. 

If you wish to extend the contract on the same terms you can quickly and easily request the extension by completing a 'Contract Extension Request' on the HR School Support Online system. 

If you wish to extend the contract on revised terms, i.e an amendment to the hours or grade then you should use the 'Contract Amendment Request' on the HR School Support Online system. 

Important Note: if an employee has over four years continuous service on a series of fixed term appointments then the employee has the right to be considered for a permanent contract unless there are exceptionally strong, objectively justifiable reasons why permanency would not be appropriate. If this is the case then advice should be sought from the HR Advisory Team.