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Fluency Duty

From the 21st November 2016 the Government is introducing a new Code of Practice. This is a statutory requirement which specifies that all public sector workers in a “customer facing” role must be able to speak fluently in English. 

The Government’s Code of Practice (which forms part of the Immigration Act 2016), identifies levels of fluency for public sector customer facing staff.   It is therefore crucial that Schools apply a minimum threshold level for all customer facing workers. For those posts where a greater level of fluency and interaction is required it is recommended that a higher threshold level is applied. 

Full guidance document is shown below.

Grading Notice

The model job descriptions listed below have been graded in accordance with Bradford Council’s Job Evaluation Scheme and contain an appropriate benchmark grade.  As such, it is strongly recommended that if you wish to make any changes to the template job descriptions for example; to bring them in line more specifically with the needs of your organisation; you seek the advice of your HR Business Partner in the first instance.  Any changes you make to the job descriptions have the potential to affect the grade of the post and thus the post would need to be re-evaluated with the changes taken into consideration. 

Where a job description is significantly amended and has not been re-evaluated accordingly, this may potentially; in the case of schools where Bradford Council is the employer; leave you susceptible to challenge through equal pay claims.

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