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Occupational health professionals aim to find out what the impact of work on an employees health, and make sure they are fit for work. 

As an employer you can refer an employee to occupational health if they have a health problem that is affecting their work or causing them to be absent, either on a regular basis or longer term. The aim of an occupational health referral is to evaluate what support or adjustments may need to be made to secure a return to work. 

The Employee Health and Wellbeing Unit (sometimes referred to as Occupational Health) provides a high standard of professional advice and support to managers and staff who are experiencing difficulties with their health.  The team comprises of Specialist Occupational Health Nursing Advisors who are supported by Occupational Health Physicians.

There are two ways in which referral to the service can be made:

Regardless of the way in which someone is referred to the unit, they will be offered one of two things in the first instance; a telephone consultation or a one-to-one meeting with an Occupational Health Nurse Advisor.

Employee Health & Wellbeing have a suite of extremely useful document available to support you, in particular; 

You can access all of these resources and more by following the link below.

Employee Health & Wellbeing