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To help support you we have been reading through guidance and rules that the government have published on Coronavirus, and to make things easier for you we have grouped some relevant pages to help guide you.

Government Advice & Guidance

With all the information out there it can be quite confusing piecing together the important information you need to know about Covid-19 and the lockdown. Well here at PACT HR we have pieced together a series of important links that the government are keeping updated so you are always in the know.

Last updated: 3rd September 2021

Follow the links below:

National Guidance

As Government advice and guidance surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic changes regularly, we have replaced our previous FAQ document with links to the current guidance. If you still require advice regarding a particular situation at your school, please contact your designated HR Business Partner who will support you and help you to look at each situation on a case by case basis.