Shocking Career Disparity

Charity Bright Horizons reveals shocking research conducted into the career progression of parents who work part-time hours, compared to those individuals in Full-time employment.

Career Opportunities

It has been discovered in research carried out by charity Bright Horizons that after investigation regarding the career progression opportunities being given to those in part-time employment is limited when we compare it to full-time workers.

According to Bright Horizons that only 21% of part-timers have a chance of being promoted in the next 3-years, compared to full-timers who are comparatively better off at 45%. Directly having a negative effect on the careers of these employees; both objectively and on moral of said employees.

When we take into account that most part-timers are women alongside the research documented in the Working Families 2019 ‘Modern Families Index’; we can quickly see how this is impacting on women in the workplace. This means in real word terms according to Working Families 2019, that mothers wait about two years longer to be promoted compared to the average father.

Additionally, over 75% of parents have reported that the hours they are working are more than they are contractually tasked to do. This is reported as being for a variety of reasons, including keeping up with their tasks, assignments, and workloads (60%). Additionally, as this is what is being impressed on them by management, as part of the work ethos of the business (52%).

Furthermore, the systems and practices to accommodate the workload and environment of working parents are being screamed out for. According to Working Families, only 49% of workers are working flexibly, when in fact only 86% of those questioned would desire to work more flexibly.

The line between work and personal lives is further being blurred by the advancement of technology. With social media and more hours of contact being put in place, although providing more engagement time is directly having an effect on our lives. With 28% of participants stating it has instigated argumentation in their household.

In all, it was found that 9/10 participants stated that they believe that the government has a responsibility to address this conflict between work culture and family life, in this research.

According to ‘Jane van Zyl’, the charity's chief executive; "Parents who work part-time and flexibly add immense value to an organisation. We have found that among Working Families member companies - which generally have excellent policies and practice around flexible working - part-time and flexible workers perform significantly higher than the average employee".

To help support this, the government is consulting if there should be a duty on employers to look at whether a job can be done flexibly and furthermore if it should be made clear when advertising for the position. Van Zyl stated that this would "challenge the persistent notion that full-time working is the optimum pattern, changing how part-timers are viewed in the workplace".

Van Zyl added; "At the same time, employers need to start properly considering job design - evaluating what tasks the role requires and how these tasks can be completed in the allocated hours - before determining what kind of flexible working is possible."

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