New Payslip Regulations

The Department for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy has distributed new instructions for employers to follow from April 2019, regarding new legislation over payslips for all workers.

Employment hearing delays

From April 2019 new instructions have been put in place by The Department for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy, which concerns how employers engage with all of their workers. All workers are now entitled to payslips, wherein the past this was only covered under regulation specifically to extend to employees. Employees are obligated to provide this documentation.

Additionally, it has been decided that further information must be provided on payslips that are made available to those workers that are employed on a basis where their pay may fluctuate dependant on the number of hours they work within a given time period, relevant to their payslip.

In the case of the above, pay must be shown as an accumulated total for all hours worked in the period of which the payslip addresses, founded upon the total hours worked. Alternatively, the aforementioned accumulation may be broken down to display potentially different types of pay, for example; varied work carried out or rates of pay.

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For more information and examples of how the change in the law may work in practice, follow this link.