Mindfulness - Survey Results

Back in May 2019 we asked all of our PACT HR schools to participate in a piece of research we were conducting into Mindfulness and how it plays a part in their schools, here are the results.

Mindfulness Techniques in Schools – Survey Results

So what is Mindfulness?

As a reminder from our previous article on Mindfulness, we define Mindfulness as the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Basically, Mindfulness is being clearheaded and able to make judgements without being flustered, distracted, or disorientated.

According to the HelpGuide benefits of practicing Mindfulness includes better mental wellbeing, physical health, and mental health. By reinforcing and attending to these aspects of pupils and staffs’ lives alike, the hope is that Mindfulness can help contribute to the improvement of schools performance by tackling some underlying issues to performance and behavioural issues.

Our research looked at how Mindfulness is being practiced in schools by investigating whether it is practiced, isn’t practiced, or has been practiced in the past. Furthermore we looked into what techniques are being practiced, and if not, whether or not they were practiced in the past. This was further divided into pupils and staff.

Now, onto the results…

We will first look at how Mindfulness is practiced with pupils

Pie Chart 1
Interesting results to see how many practice, or have practiced, but we still have a way to go with practicing Mindfulness with pupils.

Looking into more detail, we investigated further into what Mindfulness Techniques are being practiced with pupils.

Pie Chart 2

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There is a significant dip when we look at the Mindfulness practices of staff in schools, with only a small percentage of schools either practicing, or having practiced them previously with staff. This is unfortunate, but needn’t be, as we next explore the techniques schools can adopt with their staff and which ones are most popular with those that do practice Mindfulness with staff.

Pie Chart 8

Pie Chart 9

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With most Staff Mindfulness techniques being focused on ‘Walking in a peaceful environment’, and to a lesser degree breathing and self-reflective exercises, Mindfulness with staff appears to be more centred on removing themselves from the work environment and more centred on immediate response to situations staff find themselves in.

We still have a long way to go when it comes to practicing Mindfulness in schools, especially when it comes to staff. But this brings us an opportunity to further foster relationships with pupils and staff, to better understand the struggles each face, and to unite them in their Mindfulness journeys.

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This is an aspect we will be exploring in further depth in our ‘Managing Stress & Wellbeing’, ‘Personal Resilience’, and ‘Leading & Managing Change’ workshops, all of which we host regularly throughout the year. Also we can deliver these on a bespoke basis, and can deliver versions and support for pupils as well as staff in these fields.

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Harry Walton – PACT HR Marketing & Communications Officer