Major Sporting Events

Many employers become apprehensive about staff absenteeism during major sporting events.

Major Sporting Events

It’s currently the women’s World Cup; there are other major sporting events such as Wimbledon and regular football tournaments.

Whilst there is no legal requirement to give staff time off for these events, good will do go a long way in engaging your staff.

You may want to consider the following factors during these times:

      • Time off work – Employees who wish to take time off work around the time of a sporting event should book annual leave in the normal way, ideally to avoid disappointment managers should be advising staff to book this annual leave well in advance of the events they wants to attend or watch.
      • Flexibility in working time - Whilst this might not be possible in some working environments by being flexible with employees start and finish times, this would avoid staff being absent. You may also consider allowing longer lunches for staff if there is a flexi time policy in force.
      • Facilities to watch the event in work – This again may be difficult in some working environments, however you may consider watching the event with your clients, for example residential care environments or if you are managing a school you could let the children watch and then write a piece of work on what they have viewed. Could you allow staff to watch the match or event in an open environment in work and allow them the time to do this.
It is always advisable to apply a consistent approach for all staff.

Other factors to include

      • Drinking or being under the influence at work – Whilst you want your staff to enjoy such events, normal rules around the use of alcohol and the workplace apply, there fore if a member of staff has been allowed a longer lunch or something similar to enable them to be able to watch the match, then they shouldn’t return to work under the influence – this would have to dealt with as a conduct issue.what they post on online and that certain views may cause offence.
      • Employees getting into trouble abroad at a sporting event – This can happen and depending on the nature of any offence it may be something that could affect their employment.what they post on online and that certain views may cause offence.
      • Social media posts – we advise staff to not have their workplace on any social media platforms, in occasions such as your favourite team loosing, then staff need to be mindful or what they post on online and that certain views may cause offence.
If you require any further advice or guidance on this matter please speak to your HR Business Partner or read our Major Sporting Events policy.