Day of Happiness

On the 20th March 2021 we celebrate “International Day of Happiness” thanks to the work done by the United Nations to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. The goal of the movement is to spread awareness that wellbeing and human happiness is just as much a priority as economic opportunity.

International Day of Happiness 2021

Author: Paula Beck, HR Business Partner for PACT HR

Date: 20th March 2021

It might seem like an unusual time to talk about happiness since we’re still in a global pandemic. People have lost loved ones; are experiencing financial hardship and many have suffered loneliness through enforced isolation. Which is why there has never been a more important time to talk about staff wellbeing and happiness.

The CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Report 2020, which was conducted prior to Covid-19 stated that: “89% of organisations with Health and Wellbeing activity, have seen positive outcomes during the last 12 months. More than half have reported better employee morale and engagement and a healthier and more inclusive culture, while three in ten have noticed a reduction in sickness absence and work-related stress.”

Early indications from the report suggest that the pandemic and the measures taken by government to control it (national lockdowns and social distancing) has had a significant impact on mental health which has been exacerbated by a loss of coping mechanisms; reduced access to mental health services; uncertainty; job and financial loss and social isolation.

What can you do as an employer to increase your employees’ happiness levels and wellbeing?

Here are some suggestions that might make a big difference to your workforce:

  • Implement a Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Ensure your sickness management policies and procedures are supportive.
  • Ensure that all vulnerable employees have a risk assessment in place.
  • Provide training for those responsible for managing people. A good line manager is key to employee wellbeing. Employees who are managed well will be happier and motivated.
  • Grow employee resilience.
  • Provide Support and flexibility in relation to employee health, utilise staff counselling and an occupational health provision.
  • Train Mental Health Champions within the workplace.

How can PACT HR support you?

  • We can support you in developing your Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Work with your dedicated HR Business Partner and make referrals to Employee Health and Wellbeing.
  • Provide Wellbeing Guidance and advice.
  • Support with managing stress at work.
  • Resilience training.
  • Deliver Mental Health First Aider training.
  • Managing Stress and Wellbeing Training.
  • Deliver in-house bespoke training.

How we personally find happiness is a different story! So in our pursuit of happiness – we asked some of our clients what makes them happy and this is what they’ve had to say:

“I think that trying to structure your day and give yourself a cut-off point is important because as a Business Manager there is always more work to be done and we are so passionate about what we do … When I am not in work I make time for the people that matter, as well my trusty Westie.”

Katy Sugden, Business Manager, Crossflatts Primary School

“I prioritise 'me time' at the weekend....... for me that is spending time with my horse and dog in the outdoors. Doing this ensures that I can refill my mental wellbeing cup!”

Joanne Ponton, Head Teacher Westroyd Primary School and Nursery

“Running a 10k on a Sunday morning in the sunshine clears my head and makes me feel happy!!”

Jane Surtees, School Business Manager, Calverley CE Primary School

For more information on how PACT HR can support your team on reaching their full potential, contact our Senior HR Business Partner for Consultancy, Kate Earnshaw on to find out more.