Gender Pay Gap Deadline

The deadline of April 2019 is fast approaching, for the documentation and revealing of data and information on the state of pay regarding men and women in the workplace today.


On the 5th April 2018 companies across the UK with more than 250 employees revealed data gathered by them, concerning the extent of pay gaps in the UK with regards to a breakdown on gender in the workplace. This was after instruction for this data to be publicly published by the government to all companies within the UK that fitted the above criteria.

This data has been instructed to be published annually by companies across the UK that employs more than 250 staff. With April 2019 fast approaching companies across the UK will be in the midst of gathering this data to be published yet again. This applies to both private and voluntary-sector organisations across England, Scotland, and Wales.

For example bank HSBC have recently been criticised for information revealed in its organisation, that a substantial pay gap between women and men (men being in favour of receiving more pay – based on hourly rate) existed of 59% in 2017. What is further revealing is that this figure rose to 61% in 2018.

Other organisations such as the National Housing Federation (NHF) have been voluntarily publishing this data ahead of time, with an average pay gay of 16.8% (again in favour of men). As of 2019 the national average pay gap is set at 17.9%, and is something companies across the UK are being tasked to challenge.

Although headline figures might show noticeably high pay gaps between men and women, overall we are beginning to see a very slight trend decreasing this gap across the majority of businesses.

Recently a study conducted in Denmark into pay gap disparity has disclosed that publicly revealing disproportions in gender pay does actually aid in shrinking the gender pay gap. Furthermore, it was found in this study that organisations appeared to proactively seek to employ more women in their organisation. With more women becoming available in the workforce and employment market, this increases the prevalence of women occupying senior positions in organisations.

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