Employment Hearing Delays

Official statistics released by the National User Group for Employment Tribunals England & Wales reveals an increase of 165% in single claims in April 2018 – June 2018, and delays of up to 18 months for longer hearings.

Employment hearing delays

The count on Tribunal Hearings has increased dramatically again, and shows no sign of slowing down. On the 26th July 2017, it was decided that court hearings would bring no administrative cost to the claimant bringing their claim to Tribunal. This has meant delays in terms of hearing dates and matters being resolved by the Tribunal service.

Single claim cases have seen an increase of 165% between the periods of April 2018 – June 2018, when compared to the same period the year before. Furthermore, in the case of hearings lasting 5+ days, it is taking up to 18 months for the final hearing in certain districts. It has been further reported by the National User Group for Employment Tribunals England & Wales that recruitment plans are already underway to replace four Regional Employment Judges, which have plans to retire in the coming months.

Although disposal of cases have increased by 56%, to alleviate the increase of more cases being brought to tender within the Employment Tribunal system, without further actions being taken the system is being overstretched.

Employers can help tackle this directly, by changing, adapting, and monitoring their mechanisms, policies, and procedures that can be put in place to try and avoid an employment issue reaching the Employment Tribunal in the first instance. This is where PACT HR can help provide expert advice, policies, and procedures for employers to follow to encourage the wellbeing of all staff and the smooth operations of their business.

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