British Army Leads the Way

A fresh series of recruitment marketing has been published by the British Army in hopes of recruiting a new source of in demand skills and talents for the modern Army.


Leading the way in a new series of recruitment process is the British Army. With an ever ageing population, younger individuals are being thrust into the light. The drive of this latest marketing strategy is to challenge the stereotypes that have been labelled against Millennial’ and Generation Z, as “Snowflakes”, “Me Me Me Millennials”, and “Phone Zombies”.
 Inspiration from the famous World War 1 British army poster, featuring Lord Kitchener Assistant Head of Army recruitment Colonel Ben Wilde is reported as saying, “They have a level of technical know-how my generation generally doesn’t possess.”, "People embarking on their professional life often don’t just want a job”, "Their self-worth is important to them, they want to do something that matters."

Reportedly being aimed at 16 – 25 year olds, this large campaign aimed to recruit those with specialised skills that would be beneficial in a variety of roles, not just on the battlefield but in humanitarian assignments in war-torn villages to supplementing support in the event of a natural disasters across the world.

Skills being searched for include “drive”, “focus”, “self-belief” amongst others are strong assets being fostered in these latest generations, are seen as highly desirable today in the modern workforce.
Importantly is the way in which all employment markets are changing across sectors such as education, demanding younger workforces who are freshly inspired by the world around them in which they have grown up. Going forward all employers need to be focusing on how younger individuals mind-sets and new and intriguing approaches to problem solving can be seen as a beneficial solution to new challenges previously not encountered by employers in the 20th Century.

With many different mediums for an organisations public image to be engaged with the advance in social media provides and encourages more interaction between service providers, clients, and consumers. Furthermore, protecting and educating vulnerable individuals such as children into the effects and avenues to access that these platforms offer is vital.

A fresh directive and awareness of the power of social media from new and engaging social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok could be supported by the introduction and promotion of the aforementioned Millennial’ and Generation Z into the workplace.

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