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Menopause at Work - Why aren’t we talking about it?
This week we will be exploring one of the affects of an ageing working population, and how the Menopause can affect our employees, why it should be discussed more widely, and how we can help support our teams more at work...more

Mindfulness - Survey Results
Back in May 2019 we asked all of our PACT HR schools to participate in a piece of research we were conducting into Mindfulness and how it plays a part in their schools, here are the results...more

Leave Guidance for Religious Observation for Employers
Requests for time off should be dealt with under your normal leave of absence process. However, requests need to be considered fully, including the practicalities of accommodating such requests...more

The School Business Manager - a Vital Asset
The role of the School Business Manager has become a fundamental part of the senior leadership team within schools and should the need arise, replacing them can feel like an impossible hurdle; especially in a candidate short market...more

World Wellbeing Week
24th June 2019 marked the start of World Wellbeing Week, aimed at promoting awareness of the various factors contributing to our wellbeing; including physical, emotional, social, environmental and financial. World Wellbeing Week provides an opportunity for organisations around the world to showcase their wellbeing strategies and shine a light on good practice...more

Major Sporting Events & Staff Absenteeism
Many employers become apprehensive about staff absenteeism during major sporting events...more

Mens Health Week - Male Suicide Prevention
Did you know that one in five men die before the age of 65, many from an illness that could have been prevented?...

Coaching in the Workplace
The 3rd June 2019 marks the beginning of #CoachingWeek by UK Coaching. Research has shown that those employees equipped with coaching skills are imperative to unlocking the potential of others and increasing productivity across the workforce...more

The Modernisation of Tribunal Hearings for Modern Demands
Modern demands of Tribunal Hearings herald in new forms in which hearings can be delivered, hosted, and case files reviewed to support the overwhelming amount of cases...more

Mindfulness & Educators
This May is all about Mindfulness and mental wellbeing, and with that in mind we will be exploring what Mindfulness is and how it can and is practiced in schools. At PACT HR we will be conducting our own research into what it is, how we can use it, and how schools in 2019 are practicing it...more

Mental Health Awareness Week
The 13th May 2019 marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), an event hosted every year by the Mental Health Foundation. Over the years, MHAW has raised awareness of topics including stress, sleep and relationships and this year, the theme is body image. Lauren Mawson, HR Business Partner at PACT HR, explores this significant awareness week...more

Insights - Effectively Gathering Feedback from your Workforce
It is vitally important to ascertain how your workforce operates and listen to feedback from your colleagues on best-practice, how to improve their work environment and identify any issues that may be harbouring your workforce from working to the best of their abilities...more

When Do I Need to Postpone a Disciplinary Hearing?
In a recent ground-breaking case brought before the Court of Appeal, it was decided that an employer was not required to, delay a disciplinary hearing taking place, in order to await the outcome of a police investigation...more

The out-sourcing of HR Support – What are the benefits?
Previously the norm for many organisations has been that they employ their own in-house HR department. Nowadays however, it’s not uncommon to find that a business has outsourced a number of their functions; including that of HR. The most common element of HR to be outsourced is payroll, followed by the procurement of services to focus on more complex advice such as case management...more

Employee Dismissal Close to Organisational Transfer Date ‘Unfair’
In a revealing case between ‘Hare Wines Ltd v Kaur’, an employee dismissal was deemed unfair based on TUPE regulations...more

Parental Bereavement Leave - Impact on Employers (continued)
Under new regulatory changes, the Government proposes that from April 2020 parental bereavement leave will be made statutorily available to all parents from their first day of employment! Today we continue our breakdown...more

Parental Bereavement Leave - Impact on Employers
Under new regulatory changes, the Government proposes that from April 2020 parental bereavement leave will be made statutorily available to all parents from their first day of employment!...more

‘Good Work Plan’ Has Prevalent Effect on Employees in Local Government
Employers operating under the umbrella of Local Government to be more significantly affected by those in private employment; in new regulatory changes by Government, the ways in which breaks in employment are calculated will be most hit in status quo challenging legislation of the ‘Modification Order’...more

Disparity in Career Advancement Opportunities between Part-time and Full-time Parents
Charity Bright Horizons reveals shocking research conducted into the career progression of parents who work part-time hours, compared to those individuals in Full-time employment...more

Hard Skills to Soft Skills, Rigid to Flexible Work a Changing Workforce Dynamic
According to research carried out by LinkedIn, it has been found that the skills and ways of working that are held in highest esteem by organisations is changing the dynamic of the workforce...more

Deadline for Employers to Reveal information on Gender Pay Gap Data
The deadline of April 2019 is fast approaching, for the documentation and revealing of data and information on the state of pay regarding men and women in the workplace today...more

New Payslip Regulations
The Department for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy has distributed new instructions for employers to follow from April 2019, regarding new legislation over payslips for all workers...more

Employment Hearing Delays
Official statistics released by the National User Group for Employment Tribunals England & Wales reveals an increase of 165% in single claims in April 2018 – June 2018, and delays of up to 18 months for longer hearings...more

Tribunal finds in favour of hotel staff over their appeal for on employment terms and conditions
After submitting appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), regarding being dismissed in their short employment period, three members of staff have effectively won their claim...more

Barriers to Development Holding Back Ethnic Minorities in the Workplace
The Government reviews the findings of its ‘Race Disparity Audit’ 2017, and launches it's investigation into the findings of how ethnic minorities are treated in the workplace...more

British Army Leads the way in Recruiting
Times are changing in the recruitment world, The British Army are leading the charge in their search for young recruits labelled as "Millennials", "Snowflakes", and "Selfie Addicts"...more