Dark Web ID Fraud

Shockingly it has been revealed that stolen & fake personal documents including Passports, Driving Licenses, and Birth Certificates are being sold for as low as £10 on the Dark Web.


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It has been revealed that UK citizens up and down the nation are further falling victim to identify theft and fraud at an alarming rate. In turn this has been providing goods for unscrupulous individuals to profit from on illicit platforms such as the Dark Web.

It is news that the above has happened and continued, where the growing concern comes from is the growth and severity of the extent of this criminal industry. With packages such as “fullz” (slang in the Dark web community for “full ID” packages) providing buyers with a full suite of details on UK citizens, including; names, work and home addresses, online passwords, banking details, Passports, Driving Licenses and other key identifying documents/information.

Trade of these documents is conducted through mediums such as the aforementioned Dark Web, and payment made through crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin that offers the buyers and sellers a higher degree of anonymity and security that more traditional forms of currency offer.

With this growing concern, actions have been taken in the last few years to increase security. HM Passport Office reports regarding that the latest UK Passport, “uses the latest and most secure printing and design techniques.” Also adding that this “includes advances in security printing, inks, watermarks and holograms, alongside a continuous personal details page, which is a method of construction that has never previously been seen.”

For some time it has been common to conduct background checks on candidates during recruitment stages, this has nominally surrounded qualifications and work history. With changes in regulations, Right to Work & Vetting checks have become an increasingly important part of pre-employment safeguarding checks, with failure to do so thoroughly sometimes resulting in penalties of up to £20,000!

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